Week 3 Master Key Experience

It is always rewarding to see a SMART goal achieved.  Last year in the Master Key Experience the construction of this house was expressed as a goal for 2018.  The blueprint was drawn with a page for each system within the house.  Front elevation and each remaining exterior elevation to show each side of the house was included.  Plumbing has its own blueprint and also a separate electrical drawing.  Each workgroup had their specific detailed instructions.

The framed drawing was of all interior space and roof elevation.  All 2871 square feet of air-conditioned space, a  big project as you can see.  Included is a 3 car garage, front porch 140 sq ft, back patio 224 sq ft, and balcony 264 sq ft.

From the balcony, you can see downtown Fort Worth in the distance and remarkably the quiet pasture with grazing cattle behind the house.

The part I am most proud of is the interior space.  It is constructed so that someone in a wheelchair can navigate the entire first-floor space.  Entering from the front door, no step.  All doorways three foot wide and bathroom facilities accessible.  The upper floor is designed to be a flex room.

Over the 12 month project, there were challenges along the way, each one had a viable solution.  The Plan is the most important component of the entire project.  Peace Love Joy,


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