Week 25 MKE Are You Pretending?

What am I pretending not to know?

Last week on Thursday I had surgery for Carpal Tunnel on my right hand.  I am right-handed.  “Wow,” you say.  Yes, I have to say it has been a challenge.  I started out “I cannot brush my teeth”.  But I did not even try first.  I was pretending to think I couldn’t do it before I even tried.  So many things came up that way and finally, I just told myself.  “I know how to do it” but doing it with my left hand made it challenging, then, I began to get creative as to how I could do it.  So many things:  start the car, brush my hair, eat, cut my food, open jars, writing (well that may take a little extra time)  You get the idea of what I mean, if not, just try to use your non-dominant hand for a day.

This applies to so many things that we try to do in life.  Take starting a new business and keeping records becomes a challenge.  What am I pretending not to know?  In reality, you know better than anyone else what needs tracking and what does not.  Put together a financial statement.  Gather information for tax records.  The “how to” becomes easy.  This is where you are pretending not to know.

Then there are sometimes, in life, we are pretending not to know.  Or even telling ourselves “I don’t know what to do”.  I find myself saying that to myself.  But now I stop that line of thinking and decide to figure out what to do and take care of  the matter.  I feel better about myself taking action.  I see this question as a way to take hold of the situation and tackle it.  Just a simple question asked at the proper time will bring success.

What am I pretending not to know?   Do you like it?  I invite you to comment below.

Peace and Harmony,




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