Week 24 Each Day We Begin A New Life

Today I begin a new life,

I greet each day with love in my heart,

I persist until I succeed,

I am natures greatest miracle,

My last must be my best,

I am master of my emotions,

I cultivate the habit of laughter.

The wisdom of Og Mandino, teaches how to change your life, applying the secrets revealed in the ancient scrolls. There are 10 scrolls, each containing principles that endure thru out life. Change how you think and how you perceive things, your actions change.

Having worked thru seven of the scrolls, living with each one for a month, my life has changed.

In just 17 weeks I have lost 35 lbs by persisting, by loving myself, by becoming master of my emotions. I have realized I am natures greatest miracle. During this 17 weeks, there were luncheons to attend, Christmas gatherings, family time and weekly dinner group. All were attended, most were challenging as I could not eat anything offered. I had set my intention and focused on the outcome. My friends and partner were very supportive.

All these changes have come thru being a part of a team of people working in harmony to bring about positive support and encouragement.


Learning to be Grateful for all things (3 new grateful a day)
Accomplish 2 random acts of kindness
Taking time each day to Meditate
Exercise each day
Keep a mini journal of positive experiences

Love to all

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  1. Great blog, Joan! So proud of you and all you’ve accomplished! Love that you ended this post with the powerful daily compound progression. Five little habits that can change anyone’s life.

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