Week 21 A Positive Influence

This week has been exciting. I met a very interesting man and in the course of about 5 minutes time we had a lovely chat.
The first thing he said to me was “I am 93 years old”. Seemed like a strange introduction, but then he went on to tell me about his lovely wife and that they had been married for 67 years. She was with him but waiting in the lobby.

We were back in the pain management section of the office during this conversation. He then told me he had a girls name “Jean”, but spelled Gean. Gean was in this office because his Doctor told him he was too old to do surgery on his knee. He was most interested in finding out about Stem Cell treatment, as this was his intention to have this work done on his knee.

As we chatted he began to unfold his story of great loss. Their house had just burned to the ground. Thankfully, they were saved, but all their belongings were gone. He then explained about this new house his son had just finished building nearby and how this house is now where they live. Their son also bought two special chairs that tilt forward to assist in getting out of the chair, One for each of them, with a small table to put between them. Gean was proud of the new house where they now live and thankful for his Son’s provision.

Gean had been a Dallas Fireman for over 30 years before he retired 40 years ago. After the fire destroyed their house the firemen in the fire house collected money to help with expenses. In this short conversation he was very upbeat and positive talking more about the good in his life, the other events were not important to him.

When I walked out of the doctor’s office 40 minutes later I was still thinking about Gean. He was a breath of fresh air to talk to and I admired his positive spirit. Thru the lessons with the Master Key we are coming to understand being a positive person is to lead a productive life. When I grow to 93 years, I want to have that “happy knack” for the positive events in my life.
Much Love to you all,

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