Week 18 Inspiring Change

During the last 4 years, I have had an increased interest in listening to Health Summit talks by all different Functional Doctors from across the globe. It could be that my Daughter’s illness of Lyme Disease has started this whole process for me…. But now I am completely “hooked”. At first my interests were more centered around the Lyme community, but now I find it fascinating the information that is available on line.

This past week was a Summit on Brain health. Our Master Key has been along similar lines of study. As we seek to master the art of developing new habits. I could see the parallel exercises not only good for the brain but for our MK becoming self directed thinkers.

What I am trying to say here, is we can have a healthy brain as we seek the skills and habits of the MK.

For your brain health, no TV…Exercise, stretching….3 Gratitudes daily…random acts of kindness daily…journaling (Blog)…connection with community (helping others)…eating together…meditation (sit)…optimize nutrition (true health) All these recommendations come from Doctors across the globe, treating patients with brain disorders. The brains can then be restored to optimal health.

Together we celebrate the #Master Key Journey, #Happier, #Self Directed Thinkers, with a healthy brain.

This week as I focus on the quality of Decisiveness in myself and others, I am doing this as a way of life, see it, be it, own it. Awareness is the beginning of change. We can be who we will to be. I have given myself permission to be happy. Have you given yourself permission to be happy?

Not only can we link the Master Key to Positive Brains, but we can also link it to Performance. Enjoy this 12 min video about “The Happiness Advantage”.

Love & Harmony

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  1. Great post Joan! You pulled it all together right here! Happiness — Healthiness — it is all intertwined. Congratulations on your decisiveness and being the happy person you always are!!

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