Week 17HJ MKE Constructive Thought

Hannel states: “Constructive thought must necessarily be creative, but creative thought must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought.”

If you desire abundance in your life you must come into harmony with the natural law of the Universe.  These natural laws come from mental, moral and spiritual power existing on a higher plane than our physical power.

Let’s take a quick look at how each of us has this power.  Thought is the connecting link between the infinite and the finite mind.  Of the seven laws of the mind, the law of growth calls us to find quiet time in our day to clear our minds and be in harmony with our spiritual power.

Do you take time each day to get to that quiet space?

Do negative thoughts take our time and talents from us each day?  If we give them space in our mind they certainly do.

How do we use the law of substitution to create the thoughts that serve us, that call us unto harmony with the positive universe surrounding us?  We replace the negative thought with a positive one that draws our attention to the good.

Affirming a grateful moment about something positive we have experienced restores our harmony and brings us to a better place in our thoughts.

In my life I choose to be in harmony with the greater good.

What is your choice?

Harmony & Love,


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