Week 16 What Is The Great Business Of Life?

20141214_114645THINKING….Because thought is spiritual and therefore creative.  To consciously control thought is therefore to control circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny. 

This week in the Master Key we are logging KINDNESSES in our Master Mind Group. Kindnesses others do for me and kindnesses I do for others, seen or unseen.

The “aah ha” moment was when I realized I needed to be kind to myself. Until today (we started Monday)  I had not looked at the kindnesses I have been doing for myself.  How I treat myself.  Here is where my thoughts control so much more than I could ever have come to understand in the past.   Those words that we speak to ourselves. The good ones and the not so good ones.  Yes, that annoying self talk.

One of the seven laws of the mind is the law of substitution.  As I substitute negative thought for a fond memory or another pleasant thought, the negative is blotted out.  It takes hard work to get that self talk into submission, but I am making improvements each day.

I have created a stack of index cards that remind me of all the good things I have accomplished in my life. (one good thing for each card) Each day I add 3 new grateful statements to that stack of cards.  I want to be kind to myself and to others each day.  As Haanel, tells us “as we control our thoughts we can control our circumstances and conditions”.  I use my cards as “flash cards” each day to plant positive thoughts.

In the news the whole month of  January is  getting back in shape by losing weight…new resolution for the new year.  I don’t know about you but I really do not like to lose anything, my keys, my car in the huge parking lot or my belongings.  So why would I want to lose weight? Good question.  Perhaps the words need to be different to cause the real effect I expect to achieve.  Maybe think this over a little bit before I launch the objective.  What is the source of all evil?  Destructive thinking.

The business of life is to control thought and that brings about good circumstances and conditions.

I can be what I will to be



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4 thoughts on “Week 16 What Is The Great Business Of Life?

  1. Mark J said on the webby: “first, do not forget to be kind to yourself.” I’m glad you’re also following his advice.! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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