Week 16 Kindnesses

Reading in Og this week we are told “to seek constantly to improve our manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted”.

Interesting too is this week in the Franklin Makeover, we are observing kindnesses by others and of ourselves. As I go into the members area and read the kindnesses posted there, I am convinced we are all improving our manners and graces.

There have been gentlemen holding doors for older adults, there have been relationships honored, thank you cards being received and so many more.
Mark gave us some totals today of kindnesses, 5017 is the total from last night. We are all going for a total of 8000, before tomorrow night. Looks like we will make that total by the deadline. We were each to observe two a day thru Saturday but I can see so many more have been written.

Interesting how being a part of the whole progression has made me see myself in a new light. Gentle and kind.

I am natures greatest miracle, but I believe we are all natures greatest miracle.

Love, Peace and Harmony

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