Week 12 Money Grows

Japanese Proverb “Money Grows on the Tree of Persistence” With my MK course, the first two weeks of December we have been reading Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World. We are currently on Chapter 10, the scroll Marked III. “I will persist until I succeed.” I recognize that I am tested by life each day.

These first 2 weeks I have been tested just like the young bull in the fight arena. We have been in the process of selling the house that we had remodeled. Built in 1936, it needed much repair and remodeling. We started with a 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath house. We finished with a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath with a small garage apartment in the rear. Since the garage was built originally on the lot line with a dirt floor, it could not be torn down and rebuilt on the same spot. We lifted the good parts,(roof and much of the siding) poured a foundation, put in a bathroom and call it a “Casita”.

My test came when we had a buyer that works for the Railroad. We build to city code and remodel to the same standard. Little did I know, until last week, that the Railroad has a different set of codes that they require. There were 12 items to be corrected and we went about making the adjustments. There were 2 items on the list that had us tearing up the house we so nicely remodeled. Since these two items were to city code, we simply documented the information and passed that information to the buyers.

This was the test. Those two items would blow the entire contract with our buyers. The Railroad requires certain repairs that exceed city code, that we were not aware of at the time. Here we are on closing day, Friday, scrambling to satisfy the Railroad. We finally understood the the Railroad guarantees their employees that the house can be resold in five years when they are transferred again to another assignment. We did close Friday and the two repairs will be done to Railroad standards.

Thru this process I was thankful to be reading my Og. Knowing that as I persist, success does come, we are tested each day like the young bull.

Love, Harmony, and Persistence

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2 thoughts on “Week 12 Money Grows

  1. Thank goodness for this course we now have to manage our way through experiences like this. Way to go Joan! Persist until you succeed 😉

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