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Week 23 Reaching The Place Of Acceptance

Just a quick comment*****  I have been dog sitting for the last two years….and she loves to see me sit down at the computer to do my Blog.  For her that signals that it is “play time”… and for me it is time to think, not play.  I admit that she is so good and fun to have around.  Even meditates with me quietly, and content to do so.20141214_114645

I am reaching the place of acceptance with her and her ways of asking for attention at inconvenient times.


This week has been interesting learning new concepts.  The Law of Least Effort, By Chopra.

I practice acceptance.  Today I accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur, I know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I won’t struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete.  I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.

This is where the moment came for me….I suddenly realized the concept of my struggle is with the whole universe.  The Master Key class on Sunday was at the perfect moment giving me what I needed to come to this place of acceptance.



On Saturday, a certain someone decided not to follow the custody orders, airline tickets purchased and sent, preparations made here for the arrival of my Grandchildren.  Big disappointment for everyone.

These are custody orders!

Legal document!

Ordered by a Judge in Tarrant County!

Surely these orders carry some penalty for not following them?

Coming to this place of acceptance took some time for me but I can say with assurance this struggle is with the whole universe.  Today I accept things as they are in this moment, not as I wish they were.

My Acceptance is Total and Complete

I can be what I will to be

Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy