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Week 24 Think Out Of The Box App

Introducing a new App thru the Master Key.  It is a new way to think out of the Box.  

Joan Campbell
Joan Campbell

What interested me about this line of thinking was the connection to my past, watching my Mother draw and use special tactics.  My Mother was an artist and had worked in oils and pastels. She did scenery and portraits.  You could see her progress as she became better at the portraits. Completing all eight of her Grandchildren in pastels.  One of her “tricks” was to turn the picture upside down as she worked from photos. “Out of the Box” thinking like our new app.  This way of working gave her a special advantage in portraying the character of her subject.  You could see this clearly in the pictures of my twin nephews.  So close in looks that I could hardly tell them apart.  My Mother knew by the slight difference in the shape of their faces which, she saw clearly as an artist.

So here we are week 24 being introduced to a new App.  A new way of doing, which created a new way of thinking.  The question was asked of us…What animal would you be if you were an animal?  Write it out with your dominate hand.  Mine was a dog, but the interesting part was when asked the question again this time write using my non dominate hand.   A new answer emerged….barely able to write it out.  I was a Zebra.

Now it is your turn.  Try that exercise t2015-03-25_1607o see what animal is on your dominate side and what animal is on your non dominate side.  Then try brushing your teeth with your non dominate side. That was fun!!! Then pose some questions that you would like to answer.  Using your non dominate hand write out several answers to your own questions.  This is a way to get some really amazing answers and look at things entirely different.

The Master Key class has been amazing for me, with each week filled with new adventure.  As Haanel said in the introduction…”The Master Key teaches right principles, and suggests methods for making a practical application of the principles:  in that it differs from every other course of study.”

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