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Week 25 How I Became Skinny Grandma

How I went from Fluffy Grandma to Skinny Grandma.

First I decided I wanted to be healthy and make it a priority in my life. I have three Grandchildren and they want me around for a long time.

In the Master Key Class we talk about having a goal and a specific plan for getting to that goal. (dates and numbers included) So several months went by and my original goal
looked out of reach. (10 lbs by June 2018 it was now Dec 2017)

One day I just got mad, mad at myself unable to get that fat to go, that’s when the Mastermind concept of having others help me was put into action. It was time to draw on others
knowledge and experience in the field of weight management.

With my management team we worked out a plan of action and would meet once a week for 8 weeks. The plan did have 30 min a day of walking but no other exercise requirement. I was
to track everything that I ate and drank. Each meal had a specific time of the day and no in between eating. (a key element of the plan) The first week was the hardest, as the old
habits would creep up. The goal was 2 lbs a week for 8 weeks. I was skeptical because in the past 1 lb a week was a good week!

Once I was over that first week and had removed 4 lbs of fat, I was on my way. Each week we looked over the food log from the week before to see what may need to change. Changed up some times to eat and a few of the food choices and kept going. After the 8 weeks a total of 20 lbs was gone, I was feeling fantastic.

Bye Bye joint pain, I was sleeping well at night, no more acid reflux, and I had energy to spare.

Now you remember I said I was going for healthy, right?

So another 8 weeks was mapped out for me. A total of 40 lbs fat gone. WOW, look at me now.

I have a new lifestyle, with plenty of go and thrilled to be here. Thru this journey all the training from the Master Key class was put into practice.
Love, peace and joy