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Week 9 Pumpkin Pie

Between the Pumpkin Pie and Turkey lies the #MKMMA experience.  I am most Thankful this wonderful adventure is in my life as I have been experiencing many family issues for the past year now.  Starting with the law of Substitution….showing me the thoughts of fear, lack and limitation can be replaced with thoughts of courage, power, self-reliance and confidence. Aided by the Law of Relaxation and Law of Practice as powerful tools to grow.

A new affirmation this week for me is “I am, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.  Using the law of substitution (replacing negative thought) is very powerful, a restorer of balance for me.  A little upset, worried, confused, don’t know where to go for good information?  This affirmation will be like a healing suave to spread new feelings of power and love.  These words have helped already and continue healing from within.

Living by the compass means to me, enjoying each experience, celebrating the moments of life. My Grandkids are here from far away and yesterday we started a new game. “Cashflow” which is a board game about investing and how to handle money.  My Granddaughter is 15 yrs and Grandson 13 yrs.  We spent a fun time with the game so much so that we lost all track of time and today we are set up to continue where we left off.  Grandma’s brain shut down last night or we would still be playing this morning, so we had to postpone further investing until today.

A new experience for me, to live by the compass, my whole 37 years at a career I loved, was time critical.  Living by the compass is a big shift for me to accomplish and I am thankful for the challenge.