MKE Week 6 Practice The Power of Attention

This week we prepare the soil of our minds to cultivate the power of attention. To practice this power we are to bring a photograph with us into our “sit” time.  Fully relax and take the same position as to the last lessons.  Next, we examine the photograph closely for at least ten minutes, note the expression of the eyes, the form of the features, the clothing, the way the hair is arranged.  Note every detail shown on the photograph carefully. Finally, cover the photo and close our eyes and try to see it mentally.  Repeat the process until we can hold a steady mental image of the photo.

Originally, for me, this was a challenge and seemed to be just out of reach.  My mind wandered, my focus was not clear and I wanted to quit trying.  I didn’t seem to understand why this was necessary.  I was an observant person, being aware of my surroundings and careful about my space.  My police officer husband had taught me the importance of being aware of people around me.

This exercise did come into focus for me as the week progressed.  Each time I practiced the discipline of focusing on the photograph and then visualizing it, I did get better.  To acquire this wonderful power it took practice.

Love & Harmony


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