MKE Week 3 Whisper Was Her Name

This beautiful lady named Whisper came into my life about 6 years ago.  Born October 2, 2004.  My Daughter acquired her from a breeder in Kansas City and I flew up to pick her up at the airport.  She was adorable, a complete ball of fluff, shy and timid.  Her name came as a result of her behavior as a small puppy.  Later she became quite outspoken and her name no longer fit because of her outgoing personality and talkative nature.  She has been in my care for the last 6 years because my daughter could no longer care for her.  October 18, 2019 she crossed the rainbow bridge and is greatly missed.  She had become intensely loyal to me and cared for me in her own way.  Always checking in on me when I spent long hours at the computer. She was not a lap dog, instead, she would come around to play or ask for treats. She would lay across the doorway of whatever room I was in to make sure if I moved she would be ready to come along.  She also liked to come get me to feed her if she was hungry and I was involved in the office.  She would wait faithfully at the garage door for when she would hear the car pull in, then there would be the bark that said to me “hurry up” I want to make sure you are greeted with a big smile and a fluffy tail furiously wagging.    She was a smart dog and knew American Sign Language, her Mother had taught her at an early age.  It was sweet to see her “give kisses” to her Mother on the cheek when she was able to visit from time to time.

As I try to cope today with missing her, I know she is where she should be and her old age symptoms are gone.  She was pure love from head to paw, and an experience not to be forgotten.  Grandma loves you Miss Whisper.

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