MKE Week 2 Today I Begin A New Life

It is good to remind myself that each day I begin a new life, instead of just another day.  Each day I am able to make the day into something beautiful and something special.

When I think of a new life,  I think of our new adventure into our MKE study.  Today I can come into a better understanding of myself and others.  New interests emerge, and new thoughts create ideas that bring about change.

This week we were asked to observe Blue Rectangles and as I ponder the reason as to why we might gain some insights from observing blue rectangles,  I suddenly realized that I can also observe an undesirable habit and proceed to create a new habit that would better serve my purpose.

Do you see a connection?  It could be, Og goes on to say we can pluck grapes of wisdom from the ages to understand that we succeed by changing our habits to good habits.  So now we have connected good habits with observing the blue rectangles.

One of our exercises for this week was to write down something we need to do, a small thing taking little time, and then place a blue rectangle next to it on the index card.  Connecting the blue rectangle next to a new habit I want to acquire and giving it a date for completion.  Umm, Powerful.  

Today I am a new woman with a new life.

Love & Harmony,



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