MKE Week 18 Thought Is The Magic

The Master Keys:  Thought is the invisible link by which the individual comes into communication with the Universal, the finite with the Infinite, the seen with the unseen.  Thought is the magic by which the human is transformed into a being who thinks and knows and feels and acts.

In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth, but as we are at all times a complete thought entity, this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give; growth is therefore conditioned on reciprocal action, and we find that on the mental plane like attracts like, that mental vibrations respond only to the extent of their vibratory harmony.

He who has his heart in his work is certain to meet with unbounded success.  He will give and continually give; and the more he gives, the more he will receive.

Thought is energy, thought is the dynamic phase of mind, Cultivated thought, is the power of attention.

This week in the MK course we are to Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.  I have chosen Decisiveness as my focus for the week.  As I recognize decisiveness in others, I also see it in me and as I assimilate it and Apply it, it grows in me and I am transformed into being decisive.

What are you focusing on?  Do you realize you are becoming what you focus on?  Does this give you pause to think about where your thoughts are taking you?

Next week I will focus on Courage.  I will cultivate the power of attention on courage.  Should be exciting to see the results unfold during the week as I R2A2.  I identify, magnify, then multiply courage.  Awareness is the beginning of change.

What would you like to magnify in your life?  Kindness?  Self-control?  Imagination?

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