Week 3 Control Our Thoughts

“Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us.” A quote from the Master Keys class that I am now taking.

As we continue with our studies, I am keenly aware of the need to control my thoughts. When I am in an emotional state, upset because life has been unkind or unfair, I find it difficult to turn off the thoughts that consume me. I find those thoughts that keep me agitated not only effect me emotionally but physically too.

A couple of years ago right at Christmas time I experienced chest pains. We all know that is not a good thing. For me it was an early warning to get myself pulled back together and pay attention to what my body needs for better health. I was offered a class from the Hospital to better care for myself, and there it was….Meditation and exercise. Meditation, or controlling our thoughts was a large part of the Hospital class.

In the Master Key class we are learning skills to help us understand the importance of needing control to gain harmony of the world within. I plan to pay close attention in class and make the changes that will bring me into a peaceful place. To put into practice the exercises I am learning.

I highly recommend a book that I have read “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A Singer. In his book Michael takes you on a journey through the chapters, to show you there will be no more confusion, no more lack of empowerment and no more blaming others. You have the ability to find yourself and you have the ability to free yourself. You will know exactly what must be done, if you so choose.

Peace, Love, Harmony,

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5 thoughts on “Week 3 Control Our Thoughts

    1. Hope you enjoy the book. It helped me understand the thoughts will come but we can send them on. The ones that get stuck tend to pile up creating a log jam.

  1. Hi Joan, I enjoyed your blogs….. I can’t believe how many thoughts are going through my head…. The moment I try to tune them out, is the moment a tsunami of thoughts pour in…. I’m getting better but it’s difficult, my ego is in full panic mode….I didn’t check in on the news right away today, did a few chores, had my quiet time, bpb, dmp, and scrolls…but…. Then I checked…ha…. And I couldn’t put my phone down….lol… An hour later I snapped out it, but I really recognized my lack of control. ….. I went outside in the rain, and split and stacked a cord of firewood, with every hit, I said one quality the new me already has….. It was a great way to get my 30 minutes in focusing on my new version of myself…. At the end, I felt energized, and not tired at all……..my roots are deep, and I have been cutting off the stalks, I think I have finally found the right tool, toreally remove them…. Thank you master key…..cheers!

  2. Many people long for world peace, but have yet learned how to have peace in their inner world. These skills are teaching us how to create true peace

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