Week Two Chore…Remove Fragrances

We were assigned to write a chore down for this week to be completed by the 10th…..The very first thing that came to my mind was the chore I have been putting off for a very long time….maybe 10 years.

I have been helping my Daughter’s move and downsize in their collective homes. Spending hours with them packing, sorting and throwing items away.   In this process I realized I need to do the same and get organized in my very lovely new home.

So the chore I wrote down was to remove the old fragrances and the items that also contain lotions, and oils that had gone rancid.  Wow….. little did I realize how many I had collected over what has seemed like a brief couple of years.  I found many dated even older than 10 years.  I threw out the old outdated over the counter medications as well.

I made a clean sweep of it and didn’t look back….straight to the trash they all went.  Now that I am on the other side of the cleaning, I feel wonderful.  I can say the DO IT NOW helped too.  I did not hesitate on any item.

I have made a pac with myself not to go there again.   I wonder now how I had collected so many perishable lotions in the first place.  I can now move forward with more space to organize what I do need.

I am actually looking forward to the next chores that will get done in the following weeks. Picking something small was a key for me as I get overwhelmed when I think of all the things that need to get done.

Now I know I can do this and not sacrifice days at a time.   I have such a feeling of accomplishment and I kept a promise to myself too.

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6 thoughts on “Week Two Chore…Remove Fragrances

  1. jimmymkmma

    Well done, I’ve felt the same accomplishment when I’ve did my chore. I’ve chosen to clean my desk and maintain the desk clean after finishing to work.

    The thing that’s is more good, it’s the fact that we want to keep that state and moving forward to complete an another task.

    There are 2 other area chore I want to do : sorting and throwing all my physical stuff in the garage, and in my computer.

  2. joannemasterkey

    It’s amazing how we accumulate trash over the years. With clarity it becomes easy to discard the unnecessary within our homes and ourselves. Your exercise helped me with this weeks chore; time to clear the clutter.

  3. jpmkmma

    Hello Joan, Like your approach to the chores. Mine was clearing out books that I will never re-read and giving them to the local Oxfam shop. If nothing else this is a lot cheaper than paying for a house clearance!

  4. jimbuchinski

    Hi Joan, I like the term “Refiring” it resonates with me, never heard that one before. This MKMMA group is certainly a flame accelerator. One of my friends says that if you catch on fire, people will come for miles to watch you burn.


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