Week 6 Love Our Greatest Weapon

Moving on to the next scroll, our number two, “it’s a pleasure to perform” the readings.

The second scroll is tapping into the power of love as our greatest weapon.  A new thought for me is the part where Mandino talks about love being “a shield to repulse the arrows of hate and spears of anger”.  As I send out love to others it forms a shield to protect me…WOW…I never thought of love as being a protection.

I have had the experience of someone coming at me with hate and anger….never thought that would happen but it did and I reacted poorly.  I wanted to fight back at the injustice I felt.  If you knew me well, you would come to the conclusion that I have not an enemy in the world.  I don’t like to fight or cause others harm and I have been raised to offer mutual respect and understanding.  “Treat others like you would want to be treated”, my Dad always said.  So it was a total surprise to me to have someone come at me with angry words for no apparent reason.

Here we are today reading this scroll and it has brought up that very encounter and I find thru this reading that I am to show everyone love so that my heart will not become small and bitter. I am sure glad we have 30 days to work on putting up this shield of love….  I am now daily visualizing this person and  telling her “I love you” (a big step) just as we are instructed to do in this scroll.  I am telling everyone i meet “I Love You” in silence and to myself.  I greet this day with love in my heart.  Henceforth will I love all mankind.  From this moment all hate is let from my veins for I have not time to hate, only time to love.

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11 thoughts on “Week 6 Love Our Greatest Weapon”

  1. “I Love You” to the Guy In The Glass is also a big step for me. Also continually biting my tongue when tempted to criticise is becoming painful – real incentive to change!

  2. I am trying to love my neighbors. This past year I moved back to find that they had tapped into my well AND electricity as well as cutting down 14 of my border trees. To this day they still swear at me and give me the finger. I have been just ignoring them, pitying them for their behaviors. I find it a real challenge to love them, but I am trying!

    1. Yes Jeffery that is a big challenge to love with that situation…It is only for our own good though. So we can move on. I have a situation too that is just as challenging. We can support one another….it takes team work.

  3. I really appreciate your comments about reflecting on that individual you had that upsetting experience with. I am going to reflect back on my past and visualize saying I love you as well! Thank you!

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