Week 5 Having A Mental “House-Cleaning”

I woke up early today….very early, too early and it was from a mental flood.  Last night there were several #conversations with my family that greatly disturbed me.  They are hurting and I am hurting for them and with them.  There was anxiety, fear, frustration and there is nothing I can do to help any one of my family…these are hurtful things that we must let go and let God.  I sent them to scripture and I had my usual quiet time before bed. I read my DMP and Greatest Salesman out loud….this did quiet the concerns for a time.

Then at 4am I am awake again with all the anger, frustration, and mental anguish, it had returned.  So what I did was fill my mind with my cards and kept repeating the “Law of Giving”, then on to “Do It Now”, then on to “wherever I go I bring a gift”.  “I can be what I will to be”…….You have the idea now.  I was using the Law of Substitution, the Law of Growth and the Law of Forgiveness.

This procedure reminds me of the weeds in Texas.  You go to pull them up and they pull back…I promise they actually pull back!!!…so you take another go at them and you just feel the ground holding on to them with everything in its power.  I don’t want to admit it but sometimes I just cut the weed at the bottom letting the roots stay in place.  Now we all know where that gets us in a few days…more weed, stronger root….

So the thing to do is to have a mental house-cleaning, and to have this house-cleaning everyday and keep the house clean.  Mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind….Thank you #Master Keys for bringing me back to work on the root and the ability to recognize the weed.

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4 thoughts on “Week 5 Having A Mental “House-Cleaning””

  1. great blog! I was really touched by how you got your “tools” out of your MKMMA toolbox and read to overcome the other stuff that was going on. good for you. great analogy about the weeds and the need for mental housekeeping. thanks! Jeanne

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