Week #3 Change From The Inside Out

How fitting that our sermon series at church is about change from the Inside Out.  We are changing our story from Ephesians 2:1-10.  I believe we have been created for a purpose, we have a calling on our lives, that only each one of us can fulfill.

The Master Keys are also changing my inside to create a better “Outside”.  I have found several interesting and thought provoking statements from the Master Key I  study each day.  “The subconscious mind cannot argue; it only acts so I must train the conscious mind to let the energy flow from the subconscious.”

As I develop new habits, I create a new reality for myself.  One very real enemy which must be completely destroyed is fear.  Boy, do I feel that one!  The fear of “really” accomplishing something great.  That “something” that I have been called to do for a long time.  This fear seems real to me now but thru training I move forward to a better place of confidence, courage and power.  I anticipate success by my mental attitude and I leap over doubt and hesitation.

I have found in my life, I have played it safe.  Not willing to move out of my comfort zone. Kind of like a turtle not willing to move out of the protective shell.  Afraid to put my head or my feet out to move to a better place.

So here I am in the Master Key, determined to learn and grow.  Overcoming the fear that grips me.  Stretching my legs out to move to a better place.  Working diligently on my new habits.  It seems slow, but I know, like an athlete, it takes time to develop the new muscles and to win at creating a better life.  Pressing forward, not letting fear dictate my purpose.

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5 thoughts on “Week #3 Change From The Inside Out

  1. jlopezmasterkey

    Great insight Joan. I can relate to a lot of what you shared. I too have a great life, and the fear that I have is not doing the great things that I am capable of doing. So I too press on for discovery.

  2. jimmymkmma

    Great though Joan, than you.
    I like the image of the turtle who don’t want to move out from the protective shell. You make a great reminder that the only obstacle to move is fear in many form. Let’s eliminate it by feeding our subconscious mind with positive though that it can work on 🙂


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