Week 22 Tools of the Master Key

Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World, has been a tool we have been using since the beginning of our Master Key Class. Below are reminders of how far we have come in the book in 5 scrolls.
We pluck grapes of Wisdom from the pages of the book.

The first from these pages of wisdom that I obey …I will form good habits and become their slave.
Second …I greet each day with love in my heart.
Third…I persist until I succeed
Fourth…I am natures greatest miracle
Fifth…My last must be my best…daily

Now that we are on scroll 6 we are learning to master our emotions And how will I master these emotions so that each day will be productive? Unless my mood is right the day will be a failure. Trees and plants depend on the weather to flourish but I make my own weather, I transport it with me. If I bring rain and gloom and darkness and pessimism to my friends they will react with rain and gloom and darkness and pessimism. If I bring joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter to my friends they will react with joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter. I will master my emotions so that every day is a happy day.

This is my plan of action, to continue to be instructed from these pages on how to use the tools we are given. I become master of myself by using these tools.

As I progress thru the Master Key course, I am reminded of how far I have come. How much happiness I see around me. Working too on being a good observer of all that is part of my life. Kindnesses and accomplishments. Working on being the non-judgmental observer. (making improvements each day) Letting go of the of the difficult situations that I want to control and embracing the outcome that will come soon enough. A new freedom for me to let it go.
Much Love to you,

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One thought on “Week 22 Tools of the Master Key”

  1. Indeed you have come far, Joan! So happy and grateful for knowing you and for the inspiration and support you have provided me and our tribe!

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