Week 13 Am I Doing My Best

On Christmas Day, we decided to hang out and watch movies.  The movie Rudy is based on a true story, a blue collar kid whose Father worships Notre Dame football but would never dare to dream any of his sons would be a part of the team. This is a film that looks back on life, and says the battle was its own reward, not the glory.  Rudy overcomes incredible obstacles to become a football player and succeed in life.

What impressed me was Rudy’s clear goals.  He pictured it, he lived it in his mind for years before it became a reality for him.  He demonstrated his willingness to charge forward in spite of all the set backs and people around him telling him to quit.

On the practice field he would get up each time one of the huge players would knock him down. (he was 5′ nothing in height)  He was beat up and worn out but still got up.  That’s what I call persistence.  He was so determined to succeed nothing else mattered to him.  Defeat was not in his DNA.  Several times in the movie he would ask, “am I doing my best?”  Each obstacle that he faced, was a mere detour to his goal and challenged him to be better and work harder.

Another impressive part of the movie was the people that were around him that respected what he wanted to accomplish.  He had gained great respect from the other players on the practice field.  He practiced for 2 long years and had not played in one game.  His teammates recognized his determination and rallied around him in his Senior year at Notre Dame.  So how long did Rudy persist?

Persistence is one of the secrets to success.  We can all learn from Rudy about what it takes to persist towards a goal.

As we anticipate the new year ahead, I would challenge each one of us to ask ourselves “am I doing my best?”  Do I encourage others with love in my heart?  Let’s make each day the best day of our lives throughout 2015.  Happy New Year to each of you reading this post.

“I can be what I will to be” and so can you….