Week 4 Silence My Friend

In our readings this week we are given an exercise to let go mentally. Haanel states ” We should seek the SILENCE frequently, power comes through repose; it is in the SILENCE that we can be still and when we are still, we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.”

When I first began to practice silence, it was very difficult for me. I am an active person, always moving and doing. If there is one more thing to do, I go after it.

In my daily time with the Lord, I would often walk around as I prayed. When sitting it was difficult to be still and pray. What I have learned recently is that I was having a one sided conversation with God. I did not give my higher power the chance to speak to me. In learning to be silent, the reward had been finding peace and a feeling of closeness with God.

It took me time to get to this place and I do not call it easy. I still work at getting the wiggles out before I start. Deep breathing and alternate nostril breathing calms me down. I make it a point as thoughts come in, let them flow thru on their journey to else where. Then I sit up tall in a straight chair, rest my hands on my lap and close my eyes. No moving, just sitting quietly. I was persistent and made it my intention to reach the quiet place.

Now that I have practiced and become better at the sit, I find that very silent place is my friend. A friend I visit often and enjoy. Give it a try, maybe you will find a new friend.

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