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Week 19 More Confident Stress Free

The video in this Blog is backed by scientific evidence. Amy Cuddy explains our nonverbal communication, in an entertaining fashion. She explains how we are influenced by our own nonverbal signals and how to use this to our advantage in conditioning our brain for power. The video is worth 20 minutes of your time to acquire some new skills to improve how you present yourself in an interview, with your family and in life.

Continuing our study in Og Mandino, we have now moved to Scroll 5. In this scroll we are focused on today leaving behind yesterday. We are avoiding the killers of time, procrastination, doubt and fear. We are leaving behind all trials, hurts, and successes of yesterday to keep “today” central in our thinking. And today, we replace procrastination with ACTION, doubt with FAITH and fear with CONFIDENCE.

“The way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power.” from Hannel

This week with the Franklin Makeover I am observing Courage.

It has taken courage to step out of my comfort zone to demand more of myself. The Master Key has been a large part of this growth that I am experiencing. It took courage to set some goals for myself that seemed, at the time, so far out of reach. Now thru persistence, some of my goals have been met in just a few short months. True Health is becoming a reality for me. I feel both strong and healthy.

Love and harmony,

Week 21 The Real Secret Of Power

Continuing with Haanel writings:  The real secret of power is consciousness of power.  To become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire“; it has the same effect as placing an ordinary wire in contact with a wire that is charged.  The Universal is the live wire.  It carries power sufficient to meet every situation which may arise in the life of every individual.  When the individual mind touches the Universal Mind it receives all the power it requires.

The next question that would come to mind would be, where do I find the Universal Mind to tap into that power?  The answer is in the silence.  It is all about silencing our mind, cleared of thought that is constantly running around in our heads.  Re-training the mind to get quiet so the Universal mind can release the power.

How do I silence the hurt feelings, unworthiness, anger, guilt and fear?

Be an observer and I…..

Use one of the 7 Laws of the Mind, relaxation.

Let’s think about anger for a minute.   Observe yourself, as I have; what do I look like?  I admit, I get red in the face, start to shake all over, my stomach gets upset and all I can think of is to strike back.  My mind locks up on my point of view.  My whole body gets into this angry frenzy.  I have given up my power to anger.  Not a good thing.

Now by observation, before all these symptoms arrive, I exercise control over the run-away feeling of anger.  It’s all about silencing my mind to tap into the power.  That already feels better to me.    Let’s take a deep breath together.    Much better now.

2014-12-18_1136The REAL secret of power is to remain conscious of the power we already possess.

Week 19 The Power Of One

2014-12-18_1136Let’s just think for a moment about having one day.  In that day we have the courage to be who we want to be.  What would you do?

What is wrong with our world and how can we change it in a day? Each day is only one.  Each day is all we have to make the change for good.  One act of kindness, one hug, one smile can be all it takes to help another have a great day.

I just finished watching the movie “I AM”.  In this story Tom Shadyac shares about his bike accident and depression.  And he spoke about our self centered lives and how we are driven to have things.  Our competitiveness to be wealthy and have more stuff.

Then he continues on his journey to “I AM”.  He talks about what we do in one day.  How that one day can change everything for us.  Bring us to a place where we realize we need to be the courage we want to see.

As Mandino says “Live this day as if it is your last”. “Don’t waste today mourning yesterday’s misfortunes,  defeats, or aches of the heart.”  Also addressed is tomorrow.  “To waste tomorrow would be to worry about what is yet to come.  Why concern  yourself with problems that may never come to pass? ”

Each day is a priceless gift and needs to be celebrated with heart felt gratitude.  Take this day, hold it firmly and accomplish your purpose.  Excel at all that is given you to do.  Have confidence that this is your greatest moment.  Be aware of your POWER to bring change to our vast world.



Week 18 What We Give Our Attention To Grows

“Haanel; Power depends upon consciousness of power; unless we use it, we shall lose it, and unless we are conscious of it, we cannot use it.  Cultivate the power of attention by practice.”

For the last couple of weeks in the Master Key we have been following a progression; a five point progression.

(1) First we log 3 gratitudes each day on 3 index cards.

(2) We relive a grateful moment in our day in writing on an index card.  We add cards everyday to this stack, read them each day and shuffle them after our read.

(3) Also included in the progression we look closely for 2 kindnesses. We can observe our kindness to others or see kindness in others.

We also do this each day. (4) Exercise of our bodies and (5) quietly sit for 20 minutes.

This Harvard Study by Shawn Achor a Ted talk below is a good explanation of what we are doing these past weeks in MKMMA.

This exercise has had a profound effect on my level of happiness. Each day I do the progression and give it my full attention.  The changes in my life have been very rewarding.  I am passing this along to you for you to experience it for yourself.            Much joy.


Week 10 Harmonious Conditions

Reading in #Hannel this week we are reminded of how we must exercise to develop power. Power is built with constructive thought.  Creative thought must be harmonious and this eliminates all destructive thought.

We must control our thoughts to bring them into harmony with our natural laws.  Thought will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation, because thought is a product of the spiritual man, and spirit is the creative Principle of the Universe.

On a day to day level, this takes practice….where can I become a better thinker to create the harmony in my life I so desire?  Since I create my conditions I have control over how this develops.

With continuous practice I am able to create and manifest the power of cause and effect.  Thru my affirmations and the practice of becoming non-judgemental I see some progress.  Working on being a good observer and listener to what is around me and in my thoughts.

Continuing with the 7 day mental diet brings greater awareness and good progress.  When I console myself with explanations and excuses, I realize I am only in self-defence mode.

It is becoming clearer each day as to the necessary changes I am making to become harmonious.

I can be what I will to be.  Whole, perfect, strong, #powerful, loving, #harmonious, and happy.