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Week 6 I Promise To

Today I received this short article regarding vows. Written by MADISYN TAYLOR, one would think she had been following me around the house taking notes on my DMP, OG, Haanel and blueprint builder readings.

“A sacred vow, once spoken, becomes a part of your existence forevermore.
Speech is a vehicle for vows, but the sacred vows we speak are more than just words. When we make a promise, a subtle yet powerful shift takes place in our souls where intentions are housed. A vow is both a tool we employ in order to facilitate transformation within ourselves and an expression of will. Thus, to make an oath is to communicate to the universe and our deeper selves our commitment to the principles most important to us. Fulfilling a sacred vow–whether it is as complex as “’till death do us part” or as simple as “I promise”–challenges us, exercising our willpower and aiding personal growth.

When we speak a sacred vow out loud rather than reciting it in our minds or recording it on paper, our voices project our promises into the deepest reaches of the universe. It is important that we remember that a vow made with the sincerest of intentions has the power to carry on past our earthly lifetimes. A well-chosen vow encourages commitment and dedication. The presence or approval of a spiritual teacher is not necessary to success, as true oaths are a product of the heart.

A sacred vow, once spoken, becomes a part of your existence forevermore. Your view of the world around you may change, and your predominant thoughts and feelings will no doubt evolve with time, but the spirit in which your oaths were spoken will remain unaffected. It is up to you to determine how you will stay true to your vows while your inner- and outer-world existence is transformed. Your strength and character will inevitably be tested as circumstances make keeping promises increasingly challenging, but after you have shown yourself steadfast many times, your appreciation of the sanctity of vows will be cemented in your mind and soul.”

Our MKMMA goes far beyond our lifetimes, our children and grandchildren are watching us and they see the changes taking place. “I promise”, carries us into a better future for our families. As I make my daily promises, I effect those close to me. I plan to do my best.

Love Peace & Harmony

Week 2 Promise

Promise, a pledge to do, bring about or provide.  A promise, a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified.  In starting our class at MKMMA, we promise to do the assignments, to work on being self motivated and self directed.

The promise I have made here is to form new healthy habits of thought and life.  To work diligently to train the subconscious mind.  The mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.  The conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind.  It is this training which can completely reverse conditions in my life.

I am excited to begin the process of change and embrace the power that will be released.  Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power.  I promise to render such action, to be persistent and to achieve my purpose.  I will concentrate my thoughts  for 30 minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become.

As I commit myself to eliminate hatred, envy, jealously, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity, I know that the negative attitude toward others will be replaced by love.

I always keep my promises.

Week 21 The Real Secret Of Power

Continuing with Haanel writings:  The real secret of power is consciousness of power.  To become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire“; it has the same effect as placing an ordinary wire in contact with a wire that is charged.  The Universal is the live wire.  It carries power sufficient to meet every situation which may arise in the life of every individual.  When the individual mind touches the Universal Mind it receives all the power it requires.

The next question that would come to mind would be, where do I find the Universal Mind to tap into that power?  The answer is in the silence.  It is all about silencing our mind, cleared of thought that is constantly running around in our heads.  Re-training the mind to get quiet so the Universal mind can release the power.

How do I silence the hurt feelings, unworthiness, anger, guilt and fear?

Be an observer and I…..

Use one of the 7 Laws of the Mind, relaxation.

Let’s think about anger for a minute.   Observe yourself, as I have; what do I look like?  I admit, I get red in the face, start to shake all over, my stomach gets upset and all I can think of is to strike back.  My mind locks up on my point of view.  My whole body gets into this angry frenzy.  I have given up my power to anger.  Not a good thing.

Now by observation, before all these symptoms arrive, I exercise control over the run-away feeling of anger.  It’s all about silencing my mind to tap into the power.  That already feels better to me.    Let’s take a deep breath together.    Much better now.

2014-12-18_1136The REAL secret of power is to remain conscious of the power we already possess.

Week 18 What We Give Our Attention To Grows

“Haanel; Power depends upon consciousness of power; unless we use it, we shall lose it, and unless we are conscious of it, we cannot use it.  Cultivate the power of attention by practice.”

For the last couple of weeks in the Master Key we have been following a progression; a five point progression.

(1) First we log 3 gratitudes each day on 3 index cards.

(2) We relive a grateful moment in our day in writing on an index card.  We add cards everyday to this stack, read them each day and shuffle them after our read.

(3) Also included in the progression we look closely for 2 kindnesses. We can observe our kindness to others or see kindness in others.

We also do this each day. (4) Exercise of our bodies and (5) quietly sit for 20 minutes.

This Harvard Study by Shawn Achor a Ted talk below is a good explanation of what we are doing these past weeks in MKMMA.

This exercise has had a profound effect on my level of happiness. Each day I do the progression and give it my full attention.  The changes in my life have been very rewarding.  I am passing this along to you for you to experience it for yourself.            Much joy.


Week 17a Persistence Is

This week in my Franklin planner we are using for the next 13 weeks, I had written persistence. The assignment 4 weeks ago was to give an order to the 13 character traits given on the Franklin makeover.  So as assigned, I wrote them down, no particular order, just a random assembly of the words assigned.

Persistence…firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

At this juncture, I can say that persistence has produced unimaginable results.  At the start of this week I had been working for about 3 weeks on getting finances together for a project I am working on.  On Friday I received the “Preliminary Term sheet” with that financing from a local bank.  It was my third try and my third bank.

Yea, persistence pays off, or was it the Blueprint Builder? “I will succeed by attracting to myself the forces I wish to use, and the cooperation of other people.  I will induce others to serve me, because of my willingness to serve others.”

This whole experience with MKMMA has been amazing and this week in particular I feel completely blessed to be here.

On the lookout continually for better health, “True Health” due in part to two of my family members very ill for several years with Lyme disease at their young ages of 36 years.

Today, by chance?  Or divine order….(this is what I believe)..

I was in a meeting to hear about a new Laser treatment and at this meeting was a Nutritionalist. After her presentation,  I had an opportunity to converse with her directly about her knowledge on Lyme disease.  At the time I had no idea if she was familiar with Lyme disease, but as it turns out she even knows the Doctor we have been working with to help my family.

The information she was then to convey to me will make a tremendous improvement in the way treatment will commence.  She believes in all natural treatments and has a protocol she uses with Lyme that has been effective for others.  Her suggestions will give a great advantage and I am hopeful once again for health of my family.

I am so excited about our course in the Master Key…These happenings are all part of the new dharma I am projecting.  The last 17 weeks, I have felt that others were “getting it” and I was not.

Persist….I am (and family) whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy2014-12-18_1136