Week 15 Natures Greatest Miracle

Natures Greatest Miracle…….Due to a car accident our little Kayden arrived early….by two months.  A tiny baby with all of his toes, all of his fingers, all of what he needed to sustain life here.  Born 12/22/2014 he is natures miracle.  His weight now is 4lbs 5oz up from his birth rate of 3lbs 4oz.  He will be in the hospital a little longer but he is in an open crib and does not need oxygen.  In time, he will grow strong and become a good man.

We are all natures miracles, as Og Mandino, tells us in his 4th scroll.  We are all created a unique creature of nature.  I am not on this earth by chance and neither are you.  We were all born with special abilities, talents and we each have a distinct purpose.  Sometimes, I think we loose sight of where we started and how much we have accomplished.

Writing index cards of my accomplishments and flashing thru them each day brings to mind how many various adventures I have been on in the past.  And as I ply my abilities how much more I have yet to bring as gifts to this earth.

I am grateful for many blessings.  Each day writing out another 3 index cards with these grateful thoughts.  Have you ever made an accounting of all that you have accomplished?  I challenge you now to start to review the past and determine what will be your next great adventure.  What would you put down on index cards for your grateful thoughts?

If you will take my challenge, you will discover some amazing good things about yourself.  Just start writing and you will be rewarded with accomplishments you had forgotten and blessings you have left unnoticed.

Kayden  born 12/22/2014   3lbs 4oz
Kayden born 12/22/2014 3lbs 4oz

You can be what you will to be

You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.