MKE Week 16 On Manifesting Good

If our thought is constructive and harmonious we manifest good.

If I desire to visualize a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until my vision has been made real; give no thought to persons, places, or things, these have no place in the absolute, the environment I desire will contain everything necessary; the right persons, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place.

Have you ever experienced this for yourself?  Have you been knee deep in an all-consuming project to get that gentle nudge, “I want something different in my life”?

Recently this did happened to me.  I was on a quick walk around the block.  The kind of walk that was to clear my mind and get some clarity on the current project.  And then came the whisper that gave me that nudge.  The little voice that said, “why are you doing this project when it causes you so much distress?”  “Why not open your mind to experience something new?”

I had no idea at the time what was coming my way, I simply let my mind flow in a meditative state and spent extra time in my “sits” (Complete silence for 30 Minutes) in my usual way and in my usual place.

So unexpected, yet so perfectly clear; It happened, the right person called and the right thing came at the right time and in the right place.

It is my desire that this happens to you, my dear friends.  That you create a constructive and harmonious vision that creates your environment, that lights the path you are to take.

Love & Harmony,





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